moinho Grande da Fuzeta

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Arne & Nina

Thank you: PNRF, CMO, ARH, BaseSul, C+L, CNF, 3VD
for making this great project happen!

Tide mill for sale by owners

Real Estate agents: Please do not contact us!

(Unless ... if you have a client seriously interested
in this special kind of property, please click here.)

Characteristics / Unique Selling Propositions:

  • The mill is located in a very private location surrounded only by salinas at the end of Fuseta channel.
  • This is the only property in the Eastern Algarve with a private mooring - you park your boat in front of your living room and go straight to the lagoon!
  • The building resides opposite of the Fuseta market hall and the projected new marina (200 m away, by boat).
  • It was built on the foundations of the famous Fuseta tide mill, with all the mill installations preserved under the new building.
  • The size of the building is approx. 280 m², incl. 2 rooftop gardens of 130 m² (90 m² + 40 m²) plus the private deck (approx. 20m by 4m; ~80 m²) in front of the living room.
  • The house got 3 (4) bedrooms and 3 (4) bathrooms.
  • Because of the excavation license issued by ARH, even bigger boats can sail to the house. Road access comes from Arroteia de Baixo in the East.
  • Initially built for habitation of a lucky family, the house could also be used for a restaurant or a small hotel. Currently, the main part of the house is still licensed for commercial use.
  • All licenses have been granted and are still valid, including:
    • parecer favoravel by PNRF
    • building license by CMO, including a private deck over Ria Formosa
    • excavation license by ARH to digg out the Ria Formosa for 24h boat access to the house
    • Licenses for passing water and electricity through the nature reserve
  • Price on Application